Building Pipelines to the Jackson School

The Jackson School of Geosciences encompasses a broad range of expertise in Earth and Planetary sciences.  Through donations we are able to provide funds to send our scientists to minority-serving institutions to talk about the Jackson School, encourage students to apply for enrollment, develop relationships, and to give scientific talks about their research specialty.  We are also interested in creating visiting summer research internships for minority students from other colleges.  In this way, we can foster the construction of direct pipelines to diversity in the Jackson School.

If you are a Jackson School scientist and would like to volunteer to be an ambassador at minority-serving institutions please send an email describing your specialty and interest.

If you would like to request a Jackson School scientist to come and speak to your department please send an email describing your school, department, students, and what topics are most appealing to your group. 


Interested in supporting this Initiative?

Contact Jackson School Associate Director of Alumni and Corporate Relations Kristen Tucek at 512-471-2223